Diaper Don’s full intellect comes out…

…with Erick Erickson baying in full cry, right behind it:

What are these guys, all of 7 years old? Erickson thinks fetuses are “babies” (nope, not before they’re born), and Diaper Don thinks a teenage rape attempt (which is, in fact, emblematic of a much deeper current of sexism in conservative men) is somehow equivalent to a much younger schoolboy passing a harmless mash note to his crush.

This is more than just hardcore stupid, it is abjectly and profoundly idiotic. And it speaks directly to the mental calibre of the self-styled “adults” trying to set in place a prospective judge who will make the rules for bodies not their own. Grown-ass men are writing in crayon to mock the very real trauma that should be an instant disqualifier for the would-be SCOTUS judge who inflicted it on one of his schoolmates as an under-age, drunken, piggish lout.

And let’s not forget good ol’ Orrin Hatch, the same who shepherded Clarence “Long Dong Silver” Thomas into the SCOTUS by trashing Anita Hill, putting in his oar again — and on the wrong side, as usual.

I’ve always known that conservatism is the last refuge of the swinebag, but this is fucking ridiculous.

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