Fascist idiots burn shoes for nothing

These people. Ye Gods. They are SO stupid. If it weren’t for all the privilege they’re soaking in (as Jeff Waldorf points out so neatly above), they’d literally die of their own idiocy. I mean, just LOOK at these clowns:

Not only are they destroying their own socks and shorts — presumably long since bought and paid for — they’re also literally setting their own feet on fire:

Honestly, even the satire isn’t funny anymore. In fact, it’s starting to sound alarmingly like real news. And all because right-wingers would rather tear up their own money — the money they’re always telling us they worked SO hard to earn — in order to score a few cheesy political points. And of course, as with so many other wingnut schemes, it’s a total own-goal.

Not only are these asshats no brighter than all the fascists of yesteryear who thought that burning books would somehow make unwelcome newfangled ideas also go up in smoke, they’re even dumber than all those other bozos (or were they the same bozos?) who destroyed their environmentally-unfriendly coffee machines after Keurig offended their snowflakey sensibilities. Or those idiots who converted their ugly-ass diesel trucks into even MORE fuel-inefficient monstrosities, out of some obscure belief that it’s a great way to give the fuck-finger to anyone who actually cares about clean air.

Saaaay, that gives me an idea…

Hey fascists! How about REALLY showing your patriotism by simply boycotting breathing? After all, doesn’t it offend you to have to share the world’s precious oxygen with all those nasty-wasty non-white people who take a knee when the national anthem plays? Come on, pwn all of us commie-pinko socialists and antifa racist-punchers by giving up the very air that you breathe. I know you can do it. You know you want to.

Just DO it.

PS: Turns out that the guy setting his own shoes on fire while still wearing them was just a satirist commenting on the stupidity of it all. Glad he’s okay, but sorry for whoever those burned feet in the stock photo he used belonged to!

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