Oh HELL no.

Frasier Crane…the next Jordan Fucking Peterson? Oh please GOD no…

Please, Kelsey Grammer, we’re begging you to sputter away in obscurity, along with your co-religionist, Roseanne Barr. It’s the best place for the both of you.

And actually: Weren’t radio shrinks (outside of sitcoms) the forerunners of Jordan and his snake-oil psychology, anyway? Pretty sure that “Dr.” Laura (who’s not an actual, trained psychologist and shouldn’t claim to be one) and others like her (FUX Snooze’s pet perv, anyone?) already held that market a decade or two ago. Their influence may have waned because people simply got tired of their schtick, or it may just have migrated to the charlatans of YouTube along with the millennial/Gen Z “alt”-right, as I suspect it has. But whether it’s on radio, TV or YouTube, it’s all the same shit, coming out of different assholes in different toilet cubicles. It’s all fascism, pure and stinky.

I do think Sam’s cider-kryptonite proposal has merit, though. You know the old saying? Well, it has a new variant, fit for the age of the YouTube snake-oil peddler:

An apple a day keeps the schlocktor away!

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