UN laughs at Donnie; Evo gives him hell.

Oh mang, just look at this. Complete with shit-eating grin:

He lied, they laughed, and he said he wasn’t expecting that, which was the one moment he actually told the truth.

Later he backtracked on that, and claimed he had been angling for that reaction, after all. And of course, NOBODY believes him. Because everybody was laughing AT him, not WITH him, right from the start. He was clearly not joking. He was self-aggrandizing, and nobody was fooled.

Here’s the PM of New Zealand, explaining why everyone busted out guffawing:

“A spontaneous murmur”? Very diplomatically put. She’s far too nice to say what everyone was thinking, which is probably something along the lines of What a ridiculous fucking buffoon!

But here’s one attendee who was not at all shy about taking no guff from Donnie, and letting him have it with both barrels:

Bloomberg calls Evo “a well-known agitator at the UN with longstanding anti-American sentiments”, who “has in the past attacked the U.S. for its interventions in the Middle East, including the Iraq war, the toppling of Libyan dictator Moammar Qaddafi and the civil war in Syria.” Actually, nobody at the UN was “agitated” by Evo; he speaks for a majority of countries there when he criticizes US imperialism, whether Bloomberg likes it or not. There’s nothing “anti-American” about that, given that Evo, like the representatives of Canada, Mexico and indeed all of Latin America, is in fact an American himself. But isn’t it just like Bloomie to confuse imperialism with Americanism?

And if it’s an agitator they want to take swipes at, then ‘scuse me while I miss this guy:

Ah, Chavecito. He was talking about Dubya, who was nowhere near as dumb, mean, and blatantly thievish as Donnie (although Dubya WAS dumb, mean, and blatantly thievish just the same). But he, too, was telling the unvarnished truth as Latin America sees it. And how I wish we could have him back, not just because Venezuela needs him desperately, but because he’d show no qualms about burning Donnie’s britches right off his ass.

And he’d probably get a good chuckle out of what Stormy said about Donnie’s floppy little mushroom, too.

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