Why Donnie is flipping out (even more than usual) lately

Why? Because it’s a day of the week ending in “day”, and yet another believable but unflattering book about him is now in print. This one, from Bob Woodward — the Republican half of the journalistic tag-team that exposed the criminality of the Nixon White House in the early 1970s. It’s probably not meant to be sensational, but it is. And oh my load, the things it reveals. Jeff Waldorf breaks it down in brief:

The most stunning revelation, for me, is the one where Donnie thinks the “worst fucking mistake” he ever made was to denounce the neo-Nazis and KKKers after Charlottesville. This only under intense public pressure, mind you — and all because a vehicular assassin ran down a group of antifascist demonstrators and killed Heather Heyer. Somehow, I doubt that Donnie regrets the “very fine people” bit, at least insofar as it refers to Nazis.

I honestly wish I could say any of this surprised me, but not a bit of it does, not even THAT part. I’m more than willing to believe the worst of Donnie, because I know what kind of an egotistical ass-Nazi he is. But, unbelievably, there are still MAGAts out there who think he can do no wrong. He could be caught with a dead kid, naked and face-down, on the floor in front of him, his own pants down, a huge boner and a pot of Vaseline at the ready, and those people would still say he was their god-emperor.


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