Right-wing thugs run amuck, NYPD looks the other way

…and of course, FUX Snooze — which never met a fascist it couldn’t hug — deliberately misreports it all:

Sam Seder provides some helpful context and backgrounder to last weekend’s peebee swarm-attack on random people in New York. And makes the helpful point that FUX knows who Gavin McInnes is, because he’s a failed “personality” (and still frequent guest) from the same network. And in fact, in the clip the MR plays back for us here, they even mention his name as he’s shown getting out of a car, brandishing his widdle fake samurai sword, and then being gently love-patted back in by an NYPD cop. (THEY know who he is, too.)

The most shameful part, though, is that the cops initially only arrested three people who were actually VICTIMS of the peebee attack. They neglected the real attackers, so the only remedy is the usual rough justice that antifascist activists can mete out: namely, a nice, friendly dox-dump. Karma, do your work!

Oh, and if you think this was an isolated incident, in response to anti-fascist aggression (yeah, riiiiiight), know that this was in fact a co-ordinated fascist offensive, with police complicity out the wazoo. Peebees and their neo-Nazi allies have been rioting from coast to coast over the weekend. Oh, and when it comes to covering for their fashtrash buddies, the Portland police are just as bad as the NYPD, if not worse. I mean, what would YOU call it when they bust a bunch of right-wing rooftop sniper wannabes…and let them off with a warning simply because their guns were legally owned?

Other random questions: Why the hell is Juicebro Cernovich mass-deleting tweets? Could he have played a role in this? Is he trying to eliminate evidence as the NYPD finally wakes up and decides it has to do something, even if only to save its own notably racist ass? We know he’s a shitty lawyer at best, but he’s a great weasel, as his lengthy record of evasive shittiness attests. Is he, in fact, a fascist himself, but too chicken to say so?

Well, as the peebees themselves like to say, “Fuck around and find out.” They fucked around; they’re about to find out what it’s like to have a not-so-glorious spotlight — a searchlight, rather — turned on them. And I predict that they’ll be anything BUT proud of the outcome, especially when the mainstream press gets wind of their silly sexual proclivities and their cereal-punchup rituals. Or the inconvenient fact that they get beaten up much more than they succeed at beating up others. They wanted to be machos; instead, they’re on the verge of being made into laughingstocks.

Sucks to be YOU, boys.

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