Donnie gets Drumpfed by North Korea!

I’m not sure how to feel over this. On the one hand, one more country with nukes is ALWAYS bad news (no country should have them, fucking DUH). On the other…it looks so good on Donnie that he got screwed by wily little Kim Jong Un. After all his bragging about what a dealmaker he is, and all his blustering and pouting over how he didn’t get a Nobel Peace Prize, he comes up empty yet again. Uh, Donnie? YOU HAVE TO EARN THAT PRIZE IN ORDER TO GET IT. You didn’t do that. And even the shittiest prognosticator could have predicted that you wouldn’t.

And, as I’ve said before and will say again: Any credit for peace on the Korean peninsula will go to the Koreans, not the meddling gringos who helped to drive that dividing wedge in the first place.

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