Donnie’s no-good, very-bad day

D’aww, looks like Donnie’s having a rough time of it. Now why would THAT be?

Maybe it’s because his bankers got raided for financial skulduggery?

And his tax attorney, ditto?

Or maybe it’s how Mikey Cohen just turned on him and his junior henchmen — oh sorry, his children?

Orrrr maybe it’s the way the Wall St. Urinal accidentally called him “Vladimir”.

Well, whatever it was, it sure had him babbling like a drugged-out mofo all over the White House lawn:

Sounds like somebody has the real, unsexy kompromat on him. Something even more humiliating than the pee-pee tapes, if indeed they exist. Something that will make him look not like a rich and clever man, but a very impoverished, indebted, criminally-implicated fool.

No wonder he’s missing New York, where he got away with it for so long.

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