Donnie’s press schmeckretary spreads fake news

Yes, that’s right…good ol’ Sarah Huckabee decided to go with a crapaganda video from Infowars instead of, you know, REAL news from a real news outlet. And FUX Snooze decides to spin it as a case of sexual assault, instead of what it really is: Donnie the big dumb coward sending a young female intern out to snatch a mike from the hands of an actual journalist, who has the floor and is entitled to ask follow-up questions, per standard procedure. And snatching mikes from journos’ hands is NOT an intern’s job, either.

Meanwhile, this is what really happened:

And yes, the CNN reporter’s questions (and those of all the other reporters he attacked) are legitimate, and Donnie’s response to them is out of line. He’s supposed to be a public servant. Journalists represent the public, and ask questions on the public’s behalf. The fact that Donnie doesn’t understand this means that he’s not fit to be president. He thinks he’s a dictator, and that the rest of the world has to bow and say “Yes, master”? He’s got another think coming.

Especially when Robert Mueller finally comes for him. And I suspect that’s why he’s running so scared and insecure here. He knows his time in office is going to be nasty, brutish and short…and it’s only going to get worse from here on out.

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