Lest we forget…the fascists forgot.

Via the Out and Abouter, an image that’s less satirical than a sad sign of the times.

Happy Remembrance Day! And hooray, happy 100th anniversary of the great armistice of 1918. In Flanders’ fields the poppies blow…apparently, a lot of opium smoke. Because not only have a hundred years gone by, but humanity has apparently not learned a goddamn thing in all that time. So, in the true spirit of Forgettance Day, here’s a roundup of who all forgot what all today:

Poland forgot that being under Nazi occupation was a no-good-very-bad thing that tore their country apart, as well as the fact that communists liberated it. Fascists who were supposed to be banned from marching got not only to march today, but to drag the country’s very leaders along with them in a tacit demonstration of their approval for the far right. They were joined in their “nationalism” by other “nationalist” leaders, including actual Italian fascists, who most certainly are not Polish. Also, a selfish fascist dickweasel who fucked off and abandoned his family in Radom is supposedly going to get a hero’s welcome when he comes back, on parole after murdering a South African liberation leader who was close to Nelson Mandela. Oh, and he was and still is a fascist, as far as I’m concerned. In short, Poland forgot Poland.

Meanwhile, right next door to Poland, Germany forgot to vet incoming military recruits for fascistic political tendencies. Too busy still pursuing the long-defunct Red Army Faction, I guess. It now has a Nazi problem once more…which, after all these years of de-Nazification, comes as one hell of a shock to anyone who doesn’t know that the original de-Nazification was half-hearted at best, and just ended up exporting a lot of Nazis to Latin America and the CIA, which never met a fascist it couldn’t love…or use. But at the same time, it may explain why all these “patriotic” groups have sprung up in Germany lately, and not only in reaction to the increased presence of foreign-born Muslim refugees, either. And now they have covert Nazi death squads, right in the German army! Did Beate Klarsfeld teach them nothing? Apparently, the answer is JA.

Oh yeah, and France is getting rather forgetful lately, too. Emanuel Macron himself has forgotten that Marshal Pétain was most emphatically not a hero after the Great War ended. His continued involvement in the French military and its politics was nothing short of très terrible. And at no time was this more apparent than in his collaboration with Nazi Germany, unless maybe we count the Algerian independence struggle. Et pourquoi pas? Remember when he was supposed to be the antifascist candidate to shut out Marine Le Pen? Yeah…he forgot.

And who’s the biggest forgetter of them all? That’s easy. It’s Donnie, who couldn’t bring himself to work an umbrella, and since he was afraid to get his ridiculous coiffure a little bit damp, he sat out the memorial ceremony at Belleau Wood. No wonder Macron got a wee bit testy with him today.

But then again, forgetting what really happened, where, and when, is in fact in Donnie’s interests. He’s banking on us all to forget, so that he can repeat history’s ugliest mistakes all over again, this time across the Atlantic.

Minus the silly uniforms, bien sûr.

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