The chutzpah and delusions of the Drumpf White House

If you ever wondered just how far from reality Donnie & Co have wandered, first read this tweet:

Yeah, that’s Donnie…just straight-up LYING about what happened.

And here’s what REALLY happened:

That was a peaceful protest that spontaneously arose when word got out that Donnie was headed to Pittsburgh, despite being implored by basically everyone to stay the hell away and not stick his stubby orange fingers in. And when he came, despite it being abundantly clear that he wasn’t wanted there, the people turned out in the streets — black, white and every shade in between — and blocked the motorcade with their turned backs:

You’ll notice that they also took a knee, à la Kaepernick. Which is probably what turned Donnie’s orange face so livid, because the last thing he cares about is people sticking up for those who happen to be from ethnic and religious minorities.

And how do we know he doesn’t care? Because he apparently okayed Mikey Pence using a defrocked rabbi — from “Jews for Jesus”, no less — to hypocritically offer prayers he was in no position to do:

Oh yeah, and those “prayers”…were in support of the Repugnican party, NOT the victims and survivors of the Pittsburgh shooting. And this while the rabbi of the synagogue where the shooting happened — the person best qualified to offer prayers for the victims, because they were HIS community — has begged these bastards not to get involved.

I’m so nauseated at this that I’ll just swallow everything else that I could have said, and just leave this here, instead:

And anyone who says otherwise, isn’t fucking human.

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