The perfect holiday gift for conservatives’ little sex-punishments

Hey, white fundies! What’s the perfect gift for those kids you didn’t WANT to have, but were taught by some brimstone-belching preacher that you owed to your imaginary god and your equally imaginary race as expiation for your imaginary sins? THIS:

I can’t wait for the original Lego manufacturer to sue this ripoff maker.

And if that’s not rich enough for your blood (or that of your brats), how about Donnie Drumpf’s own board game? As of this writing, “it will only set you back about $80 US. No price is too great to pay for “patriotic” holiday boredom!

And yes, I said “holiday”, not “Christmas”. Don’t like it, snowflakes? Well, remember what you Cletuses all said to the rest of the world two years ago?

Yeah. Now it’s YOUR turn to fuck your feelings.

Hey, it’s bound to be the most action you’ve seen since your kids were conceived.

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