Dear gunhumpers: This is NOT going to help your cause.

And this is why the US of Amnesia can’t have nice things, like safe public schools where kids don’t get shot and killed:

It’s because the NRA and its adherent gunhuggers, gunhumpers, gunwanks and conspiracy kooks think that the best way to advance their cause is to shoot shit up and send bomb threats to schools. On the anniversary of one of the worst mass shootings in recent history, no less. And the same happened at Columbine in Colorado, too.

But hey! Maria Butina at least is behind bars, and any other Russian “influencers” like her are sleeping that much less easily tonight. And David Hogg is sending thoughts and prayers, not to the schools (which, like him, have had their fill of THAT shit), but to the NRA. Because they’re deep in the financial hole. Which I’m sure had NOTHING to do with all this.

And I’m sure this latest round of threats has nothing to do with all that, either.

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