In which Farron Cousins “thanks” Donnie

Ah yes. Remember that special 800 number you can call to “thank President Trump”? Well, Farron Cousins of Ring of Fire fame did just that. And hooboy, did HE get an earful:

Yes, that’s right. It wasn’t about thanking Donnie for all his (nonexistent) achievements on behalf of the United States of Amnesia. It’s actually a data-mining honeypot where you get hit up for contributions (which you can also make on a dedicated website, which will definitely mine your data). Campaign contributions, apparently, for the next US election, which is over a year away. Or maybe contributions to Donnie’s legal fund, because he’s going to have to pay his lawyers somehow, and nobody wants to work for him…least of all pro bono. (Remember Mikey Cohen? Yeah, he’s in the jailhouse now.)

Anyhow. It looks like Farron’s not the only one who had fun with this phone number:

I took the liberty of starting it at 5 minutes in, when Ana gets frisky.

Obviously, she DIDN’T leave that message for reals on the machine, which wouldn’t have let her, because it loses no time making a pitch for the $$$. But wouldn’t it be lovely if she did?

BTW, that number is still open, so call and don’t forget to “thank” Donnie. Be creative! Thank him for nothing. Thank him for all the laughs his fake tan and silly hairdo provide. Thank him in fluent Russian. Thank him for not grabbing your pussy! Just don’t thank him with your wallet, ‘kay?

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