In which Laura Loomer beclowns herself

I mean, this is just sad.

Loomer promised that she would stay outside of the company’s headquarters for “as long as it took” to be given her account back, adding that she threw away the keys for her handcuffs. She told The Verge that she was willing to go to great lengths to accomplish her goals. “If I have to, I’ll pee on myself,” she said. “I haven’t eaten or drunken today.”

A few hours into Loomer’s protest, Twitter announced that they would not be pressing charges, and that she could stay outside of their headquarters as long as she desired. Police offered to use bolt cutters to free her from the door whenever she liked. She proclaimed she wasn’t leaving. But, within an hour of Twitter releasing their statement, Loomer asked to be cut from the door. She was reportedly complaining about the cold.

Oh, the humanity.

And even sadder, guess what this Freeze Peach Nazi Kapo got for all her trouble? Yup…RIDICULE.

A martyrdom worthy of all those drowned refugees she clapped over, I’m sure.

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