Québec fascists trying to hijack Christmas again

Just an innocent manger scene, you say? Think again. According to Xavier Camus, an antifascist in Québec, this is what it looks like when local fascism rears its ugly head:

Ultra-Catholics set up a crèche in Saguenay to combat the devil.

For the third year in a row, the fascist grouplet Tradition Québec repeated their pretend coup d’éclat by putting a small manger scene under the tree in the middle of Chicoutimi.

Their official publication states: “Since the devil is slowly installing himself in our institutions, French-Canadians proud of their traditions aren’t hesitating a second to re-appropriate public space!”

The Saguenay traditionalist movement was first heard from in 2008, when 140 signatories wrote an open letter to mayor Jean Tremblay to demand a return to Latin prayers during Mass. Mayor Tremblay said he was in favor.

The militants later supported Tremblay in his fight to maintain the recitation of prayers during municipal council meetings. The mayor lost his court battle in 2015, so he did not run for re-election in 2017.

A new little group took the name of “Tradition Saguenay” in December 2014, when Tremblay was at his zenith. The young supremacists Kenny Piché and Étienne Dumas spearheaded it, having forged ties with the Fédération des Québécois de Souche in Québec City.

Being ambitious, these young Saguenay fascists changed the name of the group to “Tradition Québec” in March 2015, and affiliated themselves with the St. Pius X Sacerdotal Fraternity (FSSPX), which rejects Vatican II and promotes Latin prayer.

The priests of the Holy Family School in Lévis also participated in Tradition Québec events and held conferences and religious celebrations for the neo-Nazis of Atalante Québec.

In 2016-7, Messrs. Piché, Dumas, and Father Pierre Roy all left the FSSPX, but their organization Tradition Québec remains active.

To give an idea of the extremism of their movement, Kenny Piché idolizes Adrien Arcand, the Canadian Führer of the 1930s and -40s. And he calls himself “Kenny Goglu” on social media in his honor, and has posted a picture of a bust of Arcand on his Facebook account.

Tradition Québec have launched a publishing house — Les Éditions de la Vérité — which has published a work by reactionary Québécois historian Robert Rumilly, titled “The Leftist Infiltration of French Canada”.

The president of Tradition Québec, Étienne Dumas, went on the podcast of the fascist group Horizon Québec to promote the book’s publication:

“Our movement is ‘counter-revolutionary, because revolution = God below, man above’. We are in favor of independence for cultural, ethnic and religious reasons.”

So they dream of a return of sorts to medievalist Québec, mixing in the ideas of Maurice Duplessis and a certain theocratic monarchist ideal…

Translation mine. Linkage added.

BTW, this is probably the same bunch of “independentists” (yes, that word IS ridiculous) who also think it’s still “secularism” to keep a crucifix on the wall in the Québec provincial parliament chambers, but who would scream at the actual secularism of living and letting Muslims live, headscarves and fezzes and turbans and all. Much less letting them work as public servants. Because that job is only supposed to go to rosary-toting priests and nuns who abuse children in orphanages, don’t you know?

Maybe it’s time for another Quiet Revolution in La Belle Province…only this one should not be quite so quiet. And it shouldn’t end until the last local fascist is hanged with the entrails of the last reactionary priest.

Deus vult, motherfuckers.

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