What happened to the junior Nazis of Baraboo High?

Uh, actually…nothing real or in any way serious. Unfortunately:

The whole bullshit got dismissed by school administrators as a “free speech issue”, which must come as some shock to girls who’ve been sent home for wearing shorts on a hot day, or showing a smidgen of shoulder out their sweatshirts. Or to black kids who’ve worn afros, braids, head-wraps, extensions, or dreadlocks. Or to kids who’ve told off a nasty teacher or fought off a school bully. Or to kids who’ve tried to start a Gay-Straight Alliance, or tried to use the bathrooms while transgender. No, nobody was disciplined, not even the photographer who allegedly told the kids to “wave” (i.e. hello to Hitler). Nobody was warned about the evils of fascism, or the fact that Wisconsin, like the rest of the US of Amnesia, was supposed to be fighting AGAINST it from 1939 to 1945. Nobody was even given a history lesson about the stupidity of flying a Confederate flag in an ardently pro-Union state.

In short, nothing happened to the junior Nazis of Baraboo High. They got a bit of minor embarrassment when this hit the media, and then…

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