Worst Christmas carol ever.

Do these guys sound embarrassed as they’re singing this? Because they SHOULD be. It’s embarrassing as hell:

Kudos to the 16-year-old girl who shot this video despite being ordered by the teacher not to; she’s a brave soul. But get a load of how the asshole teacher “handled” the situation:

The teacher, who has not been publicly identified, assigned a project for an 11th-grade history class at the school, in Dover, N.H., for which students were to use events from the Reconstruction era in a Christmas carol, according to interviews with a student and a parent of a different student in the class.

Two students, who have not been publicly identified, replaced the words to “Jingle Bells” with lyrics about the Ku Klux Klan and sang the modified carol in class on Friday, according to the student and parent.

A student interviewed, Chloe Harris, 16, said the lyrics to the song were distributed to the class before the song’s performance. She said she began recording video footage on her phone of the two students singing the song, because she found the assignment and the lyrics upsetting.

“I wasn’t really comfortable, and there was a better way he could teach it,” Ms. Harris said in an interview, adding that she told the teacher the same thing. “He did not listen. He told me to call my lawyer if I was upset about it.”

Well, Mr. Unnamed Teacher, I hope YOU have a good lawyer. You’re going to need one for this particular civil rights violation.

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