Billionaire who hates paying taxes floats presidential run, gets ridiculed

And how:

Love that heckler who keeps giving him hell. That alone was worth the price of admission. As is all the flak he’s getting on the tweeter. If only his coffee were as thoroughly roasted as his ass…

Ana thinks he’s just promoting his book, but I’m sure he’s actually serious about doing it, because he’s seen how that’s working out for Donnie, as a non-taxpaying, emoluments-clause-violating crook. How better to make sure that laws jacking your taxes don’t get passed, than by being the person who can exercise veto power over them at will?

Also, I can’t stop laughing at the idea that “centrists” are “outside the two-party system”. No, they are not. By definition, they are in the very middle of it. You know, the thick of things? Where the Rs bleed into the Ds, and vice versa?

And, let’s face it, billionaires are NOT independent. They answer to big money just as much as any bought-off mainstream politician in the US of Amnesia. The difference is, in their case, that it doesn’t have to come from industry lobbyists. They don’t have to rely on anyone else to finance their campaigns. They have, effectively, cut out the middlemen (and -women) and become their own industry lobby. They’ve replaced big-dollar donors with their own self-interest. It’s almost admirable how stupidly transparent this whole scheme is!

What a pity, then, that literally NOBODY asked this bozo to run. In fact, people are begging him NOT to. And those who aren’t begging, are ridiculing. And those too saddened to ridicule are sharing their “holy shit, this motherfucker is cheap” stories on the tweeter.

It’s almost like this guy is Donnie, minus the name recognition and the racism.

PS: Oooooo, things just got interesting. Here’s some more footage of the heroic heckler, and at the very end, Sam Seder throws down the gauntlet for the billionaire moron:

Do you think the moron will take him up on it?

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