Dear self-flagellating liberals: Don’t doubt your own eyes.

And DO doubt the PR statements put out by those racist little shits from Covington Catholic, because this is the longer video that you MUST see:

Yeah. That’s the part of the story they haven’t told you. This video doesn’t exonerate the kids; it actually makes them look even worse, if that’s possible.

As for the Black Hebrew Israelites, so-called, well…they may be provocateurs, kooks, and even hatemongers according to the Southern Poverty Law Centre, but a broken clock is right for two seconds out of any given day. Those guys are broken clocks, and this was their two seconds. Those kids ARE crackers, practically by definition.

And here’s another part that the major media have yet to get to — the dignity of an indigenous elder who happens to share a name with Toronto’s first Jewish mayor:

Of course, this video got brigaded by 4chan, because that’s what 4chan does: lie and spread hoaxes and get all the racist dogs barking to the fascist whistle. And call this clearly non-aggressive indigenous drummer an aggressor even when he was visibly surrounded by hundreds of MAGAt brats who were trucked in there to help their male-dominated church and school deny women (and trans men) sovereignty over their own bodies.

All he was doing was trying to prevent a brawl between the so-called Israelites and the MAGAts. A fight which the cowardly MAGAt brats were clearly spoiling for, but didn’t have the guts to actually wade into.

But the little shits weren’t content to be sexist; no, they had to get all racist as well. They ridiculed Nathan Phillips with fake-Maori antics (in the form of the sloppiest fake haka ever) and appeared — nay, declared themselves — to be quite all right with land theft, as long as it was white men doing it to brown people. Which is all of a piece with their efforts to commandeer any and all bodies possessing uteri for the purposes of forced birth, as well. (And those efforts are all part of a larger scheme whose proper name is white supremacy.)

And the shitshow doesn’t stop there. They also slut-shamed a random woman on the street. Only later did she realize that the kids in the red hats who hollered rapey shit at others, as well as “slut” at her, were the same ones who did this. Apparently they harassed her BEFORE they did it to Mr. Phillips. Here’s what she had to say about that:

And of course, the little shits were rewarded for their egotism by a fellow egotist and narcissist, who undoubtedly felt compelled to do it because he shares their racism, as well as their terrible taste in hats. (That reward is now up in the air, since there’s been a huge backlash and further condemnation of the incident; their school was shut down all day Tuesday.)

But whether these juvenile delinquents (and the so-called adults who aided and abetted them instead of teaching them properly) get their White House rewards or not, one thing’s for certain: they are privileged little shits, and they know it. That’s where the smirk on that one punk’s face came from. That’s why they were so confident they would get away with this. Their school’s diocese, BTW, has paid out millions in settlements to sexually abused children. It’s clearly rolling in riches, and so are they, as the school is private, with tuition fees in the thousands per student. Who else has the means to hire PR flacks to spin things to make them look innocent when they so obviously aren’t?

Oh, and one last thing: Guess who “helped” with the failed PR initiative? None other than two notorious “alt-right” white supremacist thugs with a habit of popping up all over the internet — namely, Jack Posobiec and Mike “Juicebro” Cernovich:

In short: It’s all a perfect storm of ungodly white supremacism and neofascist thuggery. And it’s all blowing up spectacularly in the perpetrators’ faces.

As it should.

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