Rocco Rossi forgets to include Madame Guillotine in his New Year’s toast

Now really. What kind of unpardonable oversight is this?

Not surprisingly, the Internet roasted him for it until he was forced to eat a little crow:

The president of Ontario’s Chamber of Commerce, Rocco Rossi, has apologized for a New Year’s Eve tweet featuring a bottle of Veuve champagne and caviar, boasting that he was celebrating the “1-percenter way.”

In the apology, issued around 9 p.m. on New Year’s Day, Rossi said the tweet “was never intended to offend.”

Funny, but I can’t think of anything more unoriginally calculated to offend than the famous not-quite-last words of Marie Fucking Antoinette. But of course, it had to come from THIS guy:

Rossi, a one-time Toronto mayoral hopeful, was among the leading voices to call for the repeal of the Ontario Liberals’ labour reforms under Bill 148, which would have seen the province’s minimum wage increase by $1 to $15 per hour beginning Jan. 1.

Instead, in October, the Doug Ford government froze the rate at $14 as part of a sweeping pro-business roll-back that included scrapping plans to offer two paid sick days to all Ontario workers and forcing employers to pay part-time and casual staff the same rate as full-timers.

The reforms, Rossi said last fall, were “too much, too fast.”

Yes, heaven forfend that people should be able to afford to live, eh?

Yeah, that sounds like it’s definitely “too much, too fast”. If only those pesky 99%ers would all just get the message and die, eh Rocco?

And when the numbskull decided to nopologize by claiming it was “satirical”, someone clocked that, too:

Pro tip: Words have meanings. And satire is about punching UP, not DOWN. Something Marie Antoinette found out the hard way, as I recall…

Just be thankful that the dessert course of your caviar feast was crow and not dirt, Rocco.

PS: Half an hour ago, the actual 1%ers made the equivalent of a full year’s salary for a 99%er. Just so you know.

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