The idiotic right-wing freak-out over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…and Rashida Tlaib

How do you know Donnie’s loyal nitwits are floundering and desperate for any straw to grasp, just to stay afloat? Because the best they can do to discredit one of his fastest-rising progressive critics is to dig up and distort a cute, harmless video of her dancing at college:

Yeah, that happened. Some Q-Anon bozo decided to try to smear her by digging up a cute video of her participating in a Breakfast Club remix-video meme dance (which could be official advertising for Boston University, judging by the looks of it). And by cutting out just the bits in which she appears, darkening it, and throwing it all over some drums meant to evoke scary, mumbo-jumbo visions of deepest, darkest Africa. And the whole thing blew up in the anonymous troll’s face, so spectacularly that he was forced to delete his account in shame.

And for those who are curious, here’s the whole video that those clips were cut out of, darkened to look unprofessional and awful, and set to that silly hoodoo drum track:

Well, that was absolutely demonic. And I’m not even a little bit gay, but now I’m totally gay for her, and I ain’t even mad. Figure THAT out.

Meanwhile, here’s the political side of that wicked, wicked woman, in her own words, in an interview shot before her first spectacular victory in the primaries:

Good heavens, an actual freaking PROGRESSIVE, who had the unmitigated nerve to primary a corporate Democrat who was appointed, not really elected, to her district in New York, where crooked slumlords (like Donnie) hold unchallenged sway! And she’s sincere, and smart, and knowledgeable about local issues, too! No wonder the Q-Anons are wetting their pants in fear of her. If she keeps up at the rate she’s going now, she’s gonna drag the Overton Window so far to the left that it might just end up attached to the house again, instead of lying smashed on the grass way over there on the far right where it is now…

Meanwhile, speaking of wicked women who’ve got the right soiling themselves in terror, get a load of this other one, this awesome Palestinian whom AOC is gallantly defending:

Not only did she call for Donnie’s impeachment, but she specifically called him a motherfucker. (Which, to be fair, is technically inaccurate; it’s his daughter that he wants to fuck, duh.) But oh, how I love the calls for “decorum”, NOW, long after Donnie’s own “grab ’em by the pussy” tape has been publicized, and glossed over, by those same right-wing assholes of the congress and the media.

Meanwhile, here’s Rashida on Rashida:

She’s every bit as fabulous as Alex OC. And I’m loving the both of them.

As for all the pearl-clutchers in the Republican establishment, you all can go fuck yourselves. You aided and abetted the motherfucker. Sit down and quit pretending you’ve never heard harsh, honest language that reflects what an overwhelming majority of the planet is thinking. Do you forget who voted for your boy?

Yeah. THOSE classy, decorous souls. The increasingly few, the increasingly less proud, the butthurt snowflakes who vote against their best interests because they prize their racism, their sexism, and their LGBTphobia above all things.

Fuck THEIR feelings, too.

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