Vic Berger skewers Gavin McInnes again

And if anyone ever deserved to be made into fascist shishkebob, it’s Gammon:

…who, as we can see, has absolutely NOTHING to be proud of. Especially with all the walking-back you’ve had to do since you were first exposed. But please, do feel free to whine about being “taken out of context” by someone who actually put you back into your rightful context as a neofascist gang goombah who routinely goads his over-age “boys” into assaulting others while standing by and waving a fake samurai sword.

And hey! Nice racist rules for joining your totally-not-racist GANG, too, Gammon! I can’t imagine why you haven’t attracted many non-white members at all! Must be because black men don’t take kindly to being called “boy”, or something.

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