Donnie gets triggered by Nazi arrest, tries to sweep it under the rug

Just look at how angry and scared he gets when asked to comment on news that an actual terrorist got arrested:

You can see how livid the puffy white rings in the Cheeto dust around his eyes get when he’s pressed to respond even a tiny little bit. He MAD, bro.

And no wonder: That guy who got arrested? That was one of his “lone wolves”. Because Donnie is a stochastic terrorist of long standing. Remember that other terrorist who got popped? That was one of his, too. And the Turks point it out.

And just in case you wondered: Yes, most of the terror attacks in the US, outside of 9-11, were committed by white supremacists of some stripe or other. ALL the ones that occurred on Donnie’s watch have been, and what’s worse, there’s been an uptick of them (and a growth of the neofascist groups behind them) ever since that clown got installed in the White House by Bog only knows who.

And Donnie’s been a racist all his life. Even before his presidential run, he’s been stirring the pot against non-white people for years. Remember how he called for the death penalty on the Central Park Five, the teenagers wrongly accused of a rape and beating that narrowly missed becoming a murder? He did that, and he has never taken it back. Just as he did this, and never took it back:

This is on HIM, and he knows it. That’s why he’s so livid when confronted with it and asked to speak about it.

Just watch. Any moment now, he’ll unleash a Twitter-storm of rage and “fake news” attacks.

And he will do so the moment any reporter asks him another pertinent question.

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