Dutch historian pwns Bowtie Boy

Y’okay. So we all know that Tucker Carlson is no real journalist. He only plays one (and very unconvincingly) on TV. And sometimes, in an unguarded moment, the mask slips…as it does in this unaired clip where he “interviews” a respected Dutch historian who’s not having any of it:

You’ll notice that “interviews” is in quotes. As always, those are there for a reason. This is not a real interview any more than Bowtie Boy is a real journalist. He’s a crapagandist and a bully, and he’s trying to corner Rutger Bregman, who refuses to be derailed into admission of “hypocrisy”, OR supporting the faux-populist pose that Bowtie Boy is currently affecting. Instead, Bregman pierces the Bowtie Balloon, pointing out that Tucky is a millionaire in the pocket of a billionaire. At which point Fucker loses it altogether, and starts cussing him out.

And it is SO worth watching in its entirety.

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