In which Bari Weiss gets deservedly roasted

Here are Jimmy Dore & Co. at their funny finest…dunking on someone who’s about as worthwhile and exciting to watch, listen to, and read, as a pile of freshly laid dog turds:

Oh dear, did I just insult freshly laid dog turds? Yes, I did. (I’m so sorry, dog turds.)

I mean, just LOOK at her. She’s so self-serious and so far up her own ass, she’s practically peering out of her own mouth. That’s got to be some kind of talent. It’s not talent in the journalistic sense, or even in the entertainment sense, but it’s talent. I mean, it’s not every day that someone who’s supposedly an opinion shaper for the Paper of Record™ gets demolished by a total meathead like Joe Fucking Rogan, fergawdsakes.

There is so much to laugh at in here, it’s hard to pick one single favorite Bari Bit™ — but mine might just be the part where she can’t even spell toady. It’s a perfectly simple English word, just five letters and two syllables — and she can’t even spell it, let alone say what it means. You can tell that she was given a list of talking points to spout (by whom?), and sure ’nuff, she spouted them. She has no idea what any of what she said means, or how it’s spelled, but I’m sure she made her CIA handlers very, VERY proud. At least until they realized they were being pwned by a complete doofus…

That, in a nutshell, is the NYTrash’s Bright Young Contrarian™, y’all.

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