In which Ilhan Omar kicks Elliott Abrams’s ass

This is simply a thing of beauty:

Man, Abrams is a dick.

And yes, he’s an Iran-Contra felon who should be rotting in jail, and fuck the late George Herbert-Herbert Bush for ever letting him go free. What he did in Guatemala and El Salvador is beyond excuse. As is what he’s plotting to do — AGAIN — in Venezuela.

But Ilhan Omar — a newcomer to the US Congress, like her colleague and fellow Democrat, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — is a real force to be reckoned with. And she does NOT accept his equivocations, or his patronizing snottiness, or his lies. Or his lies. Or his LIES.

Something tells me that his plan to fuck over Venezuela, and overthrow Madurito (as he tried and failed to do to Chavecito), is NOT going to go quite as he’d hoped.

In fact, I have a pretty fair idea that it’s not going to fly at all. Not just because of Ilhan Omar, of course, because the Venezuelan people themselves will have much to say about that — but I’m sure that they, like me, will thoroughly enjoy seeing her trashing a man who is unquestionably pure filth.

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