Bernie Kerik rears his head…again

Oh lord. Did he ever remove that shiny thing from his rear, to begin with?

Yeah, I’m gonna go with nope.

I’m also going to gently remind you that Bernie Fucking Kerik carried on with not one, but TWO women in the apartment near Ground Zero that had been set aside for first responders searching for survivors (and later, dead bodies) in the wreckage of the World Trade Centre after 9-11. So yeah, he’s the perfect one to accuse duly elected Muslim women of terrorist ties that they don’t have.

I mean, just LOOK at the exemplary conduct of this paragon of virtue:

Dramatically, each woman learned of the existence of the other after Pinero discovered a love note left by Regan in the apartment.


Kerik said that questions about the immigration status of his family’s former nanny and failure to pay taxes prompted his decision to walk away from the job. But speculation has continued that there were deeper and more controversial reasons.

Yesterday, The News reported that a six-month investigation showed Kerik had accepted thousands of dollars in cash and gifts without proper disclosure, and had ties to a construction company that investigators believe is linked to the mob.

Yeah, nothing screams PATRIOTISM!!! like a two-time two-timer two-timing in an apartment that was set aside for firefighters and paramedics to sleep in between shifts of scouring the rubble of a terror attack.

Unless, maybe, it’s hiring undocumented nannies (so you can grossly underpay them, of course, and then turn them in to La Migra if they complain).

Or committing tax fraud.

Or having ties to the Mafia.

OR taking what smells an awful lot like bribes.

And yet, there he is, dear ol’ Dubya’s golden boy, making a touching effort to pronounce the names of groups that Ilhan Omar is no part of and has nothing to do with, in some semblance of Arabic style.

You’ve just got to admire that chutzpah.

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