Does Tucker Carlson have a man-crush?

I dunno, but I think he might…


Yeah, this is one of those moments where you go “WTF, straight people?” even though you are a straight person.

Of course, I don’t expect Bowtie Boy to understand this, because he’s clearly had his head up his ass for the last 20-odd years, but that “chicken soup for the soul” reference is to a series of books (and now, podcasts) full of inspirational true stories that are meant to comfort the afflicted without afflicting the comfortable. Which I guess, in a way, describes Democratic pre-candidate Pete Buttigieg rather well. He’s not the strongest of progressives, like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, who are both known for their way of taking on the establishment and winning in the face of long, daunting odds. Other than the fact that he’s gay (and legally married to another likable guy), he seems tailor made for those who don’t want a guy who’ll upset the capitalist apple-cart. So of course the journalistic establishment, who are out of touch with the common people (to put it mildly), approve of him.

And of course Tucker the Fucker, who’s not REALLY a populist (although he’s clearly angling at it, from a far-right perspective) is therefore honor-bound to hate him. Or at least make like he does. And to do so in the creepiest of homoerotic/homophobic ways, too. Which, given his track record for that, also makes sense.

Really, really ICKY sense.

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