In God(dess) We Trust

Thom Hartmann drops a truth-bomb (several, actually) on an insistent right-wing Christianist who can’t stop spewing inane talking points:

Hail Columbia! Yes, that’s right, she’s an invented, Roman-style goddess who appears all over the place (and even on dollar coins up until the 1980s). There’s even a movie company that bears her image and name. She was a kind of secular national mother-goddess for a while there, although the Religious Reich would probably give anything to wipe all memory of her from the historical record, much like John Ashcroft and his insistence on covering up naked statuary breasts (like those of Lady Justice, which are actually bare for a decidedly non-sexual reason).

Notice how Josh (the right-wing caller) changes the subject dramatically when that comes out? (Don’t worry, Thom sets him straight on all his OTHER misconceptions, too.)

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