The Hunchbrains of Nôtre-Dame

Oh lord, Donnie really HAS stuck his big flat foot in it today. Get a load of his ramblings about the fire that ate the roof and spire of Nôtre-Dame de Paris today:

And then, there were his bons mots about how best to put out the fire, which the French wisely disregarded:

Just call him Nôtre DUMB de Paris.

But for sheer, unmitigated, bigoted dumbth, this guy has even Donnie beat:

Never mind that the fire most likely was started by accident, as a result of the ongoing renovations of the cathedral — and specifically, in the spire, which was built of oakwood. No, it must be sabotage, committed by IMMIGRANTS!

Because when you have a racist agenda to push (and the Food Processor is grinding away at it non-stop), actual logical explanations must not only fall by the wayside, but be pushed there forcibly, and before the truth can get its fire-fighting boots on.

Ces maudits cons de merde, alors.

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