Banks say they’re ready to spill Donnie’s beans

And hooooooboy am I ready for it:

See what happens when you go out of country for your cash infusion, Donnie?

Deutsche Bank could share its “rich trove” of documents related to Donald Trump with investigators looking to probe the president’s financial dealings.

According to a report from The New York Times, the “reams” of records in possession of the German lender include internal corporate documents, parts of Trump’s personal and business tax returns and a detailed breakdown of his assets’ value.

On April 15, the bank was issued a subpoena by two House committees, both controlled by the Democrats, to hand over information on Trump’s finances. Investigators demanded that the bank hand over documents related to Trump’s companies, such as “parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, branches, divisions, partnerships, properties, groups, special purpose entities, joint ventures, predecessors, successors or any other entity in which they have or had a controlling interest.”

Capital One was also issued a subpoena by the two committees, prompting Trump, three of his children and seven of his companies to file a federal lawsuit against both banks.

The lawsuit, which was filed late on Monday in New York, claims the committees’ demands for records have no lawful purpose and were simply designed to harass the president.

Well, he can TRY to sue them, but ultimately, their pockets are deeper than his. And the fact that he’s not a real billionaire should prove ultimately embarrassing…not to mention bad for any future deals he may try to strike when he’s a disgraced (and possibly indicted) ex-president. And that’s the actual, lawful purpose of the demands for his records. The fact that he’s been dicking people for dollars since at least the 1980s is the real issue here. And it may, in fact, prove impeachable…particularly if Donnie is found in violation of the emoluments clause, for example. (The fact that he’s still been trying to wheel and deal while in office isn’t exactly a deep, dark secret.)


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