Why so sensitive, Dougie?

I mean hey…you wanted to find “efficiencies” so that things could be cut, right?

You big, fat SNOWFLAKE, Dougie. Can’t take the heat? Get out of the fucking kitchen. Nobody wants you there anyway. A majority of Ontarians didn’t elect you to shit all over the people while claiming to be “for the people”.

And you silly snowflakes in the media, too. Do you overpaid idiots even understand the concept of actual free speech? Because that’s what you’re all clutching your pearls over. You’ve been letting actual fucking Nazis get away with literal murder for years, only reporting it when there’s been a homicide but glossing over the fascism at the root of it all. But let a bunch of leftists protest cruel cutbacks in kind, and all hell breaks loose? Fuck RIGHT off.

This tweet sums it up best, methinks:

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