Ginblossoms Bannon is not looking good lately

Okay, so first off: I’m sorry I’ve been so long between posts. I’ve been busier than a squirrel’s tail getting things done around here. All the same, I’m sorry.

But you know who’s sorrier than me? THIS guy:

Yeah. Good ol’ Steve Bannon, who’s working so hard at making fascism happen again in Europe, where most people learned approximately one world war ago why that whole far-right thing was a Very Fucking Bad Idea, is having a rougher time of it than he ever expected. Italy, for example, is having none of his neofascist training academy. And when he tries to put a brave face on things (as if anyone could overlook those gin blossoms!), he gets called out on his bullshit by his interviewer.

Gawd, that’s even more fun than watching Ben “Gish Gallop” Shapiro get nailed:

…and believe me, that was pretty fun. Who else would call an arch-conservative like Andrew Neil a “leftist” for daring to question him, and thus unwittingly demonstrate that facts don’t care about Benny’s feelings either?

Anyhow. Thanks for bearing with me. On with the show.

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