So, Donnie “didn’t really like” Jeffy Epstein, eh? Was “never a fan” of him. Had a “falling out” with him.

O RLY, Donnie?

Notice how handsy Donnie gets with all those cute young blondes at the party. He doesn’t even care if there’s a camera catching his gropes. He looks like he’s literally trying to grab ’em by the pussy, just as he later bragged (on a hot mike!) to Billy Bush.

And then, pay attention to how cozy he gets with Jeffy-poo later on, when he arrives. And how he’s constantly whispering to him and pointing at women. It’s like he’s already scouting out the prospects for his pimp buddy, isn’t it?

Whatever’s going on there, it’s not a “fun-loving bachelor lifestyle”, as the reporter so euphemistically calls it. This is a grotty divorced man in his forties, pawing at girls who would probably rather just dance than suffer his or any other old man’s slobbery attentions. It all sure as hell looks like a sexual assault to me.

Why isn’t he being impeached yet? It’s not as though there weren’t ample grounds. From his blatant criminality, to his racism, to all of this, there’s more than enough for a prosecutor to go on.

It’s all just gross. It’s undignified as hell. And unpresidential as fuck. And his idiot fans are still eating it all up. He could drop his pants and shit in his hands in front of them, and they’d all still clamor for a bite of that sweet, sweet dung. And if you told them they were eating feces, they’d just point the finger and say “No, YOU are! He’s a good Christian man! Why are you trying to bring him down?”

Too bad there’s no way of impeaching THEM, while we’re at it. Because the credulous, the gullible, and the Hardcore Stupid are at least in part responsible for the banana-Republican shithole that the US of Amnesia has become. They’re the same dim bulbs who voted for Dubya and his daddy’s oil wars, even though anyone with an eye could see that he was dumb as a brick and way out of his element in politics (or anyplace else where adult responsibility was called for). They’re also the same who thought Barack Obama was born in Kenya and therefore ineligible for election (nope, sorry, that was his father; the Obama who was president was born in Hawaii.) And they’re the same dumb bunch who are now making plans to storm Area 51, because they think there’s something there to see (other than secret military aircraft in the testing phases, nope, nada.)

Basically, they’re what you get when you starve public education to give billionaires tax breaks. Or, in the case of Donnie and Jeffy-poo, maybe it’s just guys who want to be billionaires, but who can’t cut that much mustard and are lousy at actual deal-making, so they just settle for raping and pimping teenage girls instead, and blackmailing their high-powered buddies with the secret photos.

And I can hardly wait to see how they all collapse over what comes out in discovery once Jeffy’s next trial begins.

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