Gammon McInnes just can’t get no love.

WOMP, womp:

So this makes three progressive show hosts now who’ve openly rejected Gammon’s “invitations” (and offers of thousand-dollar payments) to appear on his show. And Ana got the biggest-dollar offer so far — $7000 (compared to the $5000 that was offered to David Pakman).

And is it really any wonder that no one with any integrity wants to dignify his idiotic show with their presence? This is a Little Hitler who calls for overt violence from the right while hanging back himself. I doubt very much that he’s truly changed his stripes since “distancing” himself from the Proud Boys. He’s still a shitty, mean, ugly person; every word out of his mouth may as well be a turd. He’s also a coward, as shown by his stochastic terrorism against Vic Berger, his willingness to brandish a fake samurai kitsch sword and urging his attack dogs on while doing nothing, and also by his speedy back-pedal when it looked like even THAT wussy act of incitement was going to bear legal consequences for him as an instigator. He doesn’t have the courage of his professed convictions. So who would dignify his opinions by pitting their own against them? Who would waste that much time for any amount of money?

And how the hell does he even HAVE a show, STILL? He’s not a terribly talented or entertaining guy — except, maybe, when shoving dildoes up his ass or waving his unimpressive willy on camera. But that’s because those are actually pratfalls, and he is one hell of a prat. His only real talent, in short, is for making an ass of himself. But that’s not really saying much, because he’s an ass already.

So who is giving this ass all that money to lure progressives to his show? That’s what Ana wants to know, and so do I. Who’s yer sugardaddy, Gammon? Maybe, if you came clean and talked about who’s paying you to fly your vile flag, and why, you might have the germ of a show worth watching.

Until then, mockery is all the attention any progressive is going to pay you, and all you will deserve.

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