Jeffrey Epstein had WHAT?

All those CDs of nude photos of young girls aren’t the only shocking thing found at the home of Donnie’s crooked, pimpy pal:

Yup, that’s right. He had a SAUDI PASSPORT:

The government revealed the expansion of the case at the day’s bail hearing. In searching the defendant’s house, investigators found an old passport with Epstein picture and a fake name that listed Saudi Arabia as the location of his residence, the prosecutor said.

The judge was surprised at this revelation, NBC News reported, asking the attorney, “Say again?”

Yeah, those would be MY words, too. Who would have a Saudi passport if they weren’t a Saudi citizen? And why? And it dates back to the 1980s. What was he doing back then that would have him carrying such a document?

I’m not surprised that it wasn’t in his own name, though. Just the overall pattern of crookedness about this guy makes that much inevitable. As do these salient details:

Diamonds were also reportedly found along with the passport in a safe.

Rossmiller argued that Epstein is an “extraordinary flight risk.” The financier’s lawyers are arguing for his release and have proposed a set of conditions, including turning over his legitimate passport, that would allow him to remain in his own house pending trial. Epstein has been in jail since he was arrested on July 6.

To consider Epstein bail application, the government said it would like to better understand his finances.

Given the age of that fake Saudi passport, I’d say they have several decades’ worth of combing to do. And since he IS a major flight risk (he owns a whole fucking island in the Caribbean, for God’s sake!), he should remain in custody for the foreseeable future.

On suicide watch, even, so that he can’t spare himself the ignominy of it all. Because there are details coming out, and oh boy, are they grotty:

Eyeballs in the walls, a nude woman mannequin swinging from a chandelier, a mural of himself as a federal prisoner (complete with penitentiary setting!), and — ew — a chessboard whose figures were all modelled on his “staffers”, in their underwear.

Suffice to say I can’t wait to hear if anyone besides the girls was on those CDs full of nude girl photos. And who, besides him, it could have been.

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