Oooooo, Gammon is angwy.

Uh oh, it looks like a certain aging shameboy has a very thin skin under that grizzled beard:

Touchy, touchy, touchy.

Somehow, I doubt very much that Gammon got a hundred thousand new (PAID!) subscribers yesterday just from being trashed by three progressive show hosts who saw through his cringey gambit. I suspect this is really a self-promoting bluff on his part, as well as a face-saver. Ana, Sam, and David all made him look desperate and sad. So of course he’s going to pretend that he didn’t really need them to legitimize him after all. And of course he’s hoping that this will pay off in actual, paying customers for all his dreck.

And of course, that bid for legitimacy will fail just like all the others did. Why? Because Gammon has already been cucked by his own cowardice. Nobody on the far right wants to see a proven chickenshit, much less pay just to watch him sodomize himself. And also because grifters are all, by their nature, illegitimate. That goes double for right-wing grifters in general.

And triple for those like Gammon, namely neo-Nazi grifters who are too cowardly to just come on out and strap on the damn swastikas already.

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