Poland forgets…AGAIN.

Stickers being distributed by the Gazeta Polska for businesses to stick in their windows to declare the premises an “LGBT+-free zone”. Or, more correctly, as a business catering to Nazis…and those who have forgotten their history lessons:

A magazine in Poland is going to be distributing “LGBT-free zone” stickers to their readers. Gazeta Polska is a far-right nationalist weekly magazine in Poland that supports the Law and Justice Party, which is anti-LGBTQ and anti-immigrant.

The magazine said that it will be distributing stickers that say “LGBT-FREE ZONE” and show a rainbow flag with an “X” through it in next week’s issue.

Pavel Rabiej, deputy president of Warsaw and a centrist, said on Twitter that he would file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office.

“The Germans created zones free of Jews,” Rabiej tweeted.

Poland’s hate speech law does not include sexual orientation, but Instagram blocked a picture of the sticker, according to Gazeta Polska editor Tomasz Sakiewicz.

“Censorship was typical of Nazism, imposing ideology, too,” Sakiewicz told another paper.

With all due respect, Herr Sakiewicz (i.e., NONE) — GO FUCK YOURSELF.

You don’t get to cry “censorship”. Instagram is a private entity, not a state organ. They have terms of service, and are within their rights to turf out a violator, which the Gazeta Polska most certainly is.

You also don’t get to cry “Nazism” here, since your shitty fascist rag is doing the exact same thing the Nazis did to queers…

…and Jews:

THAT’s what actual censorship and state terrorism look like, in case anyone forgets.

But of course, in Poland, they do forget, and keep forgetting. Poland keeps forgetting Poland.

It would appear that Poland is doomed to keep on forgetting Poland until the end of time.

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