Ding, dong…

…one of the two hydra-heads of the Kochtopus is dead:

And bless David Doel for not sugar-coating anything about this lousy fucker’s life. Including his early adventures in the not-so-fine art of screwing people out of their money (in this case, his brother Fred).

Alas, the OTHER half of the Kochtopus, Charles Fucking Koch, is still alive and kochin’. Meaning, yup, we’re not done with these mofos yet.

And if the will is read and turns out to contain the anticipated plummy posthumous donations to all the usual Kochtopus tentacles, we’ll likely be stuck with hideous, world-wrecking Koch crapaganda for years or even decades to come.

Still, ding fucking DONG. My only sorrow is that it didn’t happen long ago. Like, right around the time these bastards started financing shitty economic and political doctrines via their pet stink tanks.

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