How could Jeffrey Epstein kill himself in jail?

Easily. According to Jeanne Theoharis, interviewed here, the conditions in the facility where he was being held, pending trial, were atrocious:

And let’s not forget that he was in solitary…a fact that’s significant in itself. A mentally healthy individual would have trouble living like that. Epstein, as the circumstances of his life should make abundantly clear, was NOT mentally healthy. Far from it. A man who has murals painted on the walls of his mansion, of himself inside the razor-wired walls of a federal penitentiary, is not a well man. Even truly tough guys, like El Chapo, who is also currently imprisoned in the MCC, find the place to be a hellhole. So it’s not surprising that the conditions in there would be sufficient to push a more vulnerable individual over the edge.

Moreover, there are the salient facts that Epstein’s own lawyer pushed for him to be taken OFF suicide watch. A defence attorney would presumably be acting on the orders of his client. I can only gather that Epstein WANTED to kill himself, and was looking for an opportunity. Whether he did so out of despair, driven to it by a depressing environment that would crack even a tough nut, or whether he did it with some obstructive purpose in mind, either way, it’s clear to me that he offed himself. And that the jailhouse conditions proved infinitely helpful to him, with or without the nefarious background influence of such despicables as Bill Barr, and all the powerful types he pimped those girls out to.

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