Oopsie poopsie.

What if bigots were all inadvertently honest about their bigotry…like THIS guy?

Yes, that’s right: He bravely admitted that the “Straight Pride” people are in fact a racist group. Not that we hadn’t already guessed, but there’s your confirmation, straight from the horse’s ass. Whoopsie!

And the best part, for me, was that one city councilwoman (you can see her in the foreground), doing a facepalm as soon as the laughter breaks out. She may not be as dramatic about it as Green Shirt Guy here…

…or Plaid Shirt Guy here…

…but, like those guys, her reaction pretty much says it all. For EVERYONE. She is our Hero for Today.

Can we give that priceless Facepalm Lady some viral internet love, please? PLEASE?

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