The Epstein case: What we now know (and what the likeliest scenario is)

Welp. It’s a rare day when I’ll actually give Marco Fucking Rubio credit as being a voice of reason. But today I’ll do it, because just this once, the shoe fits:

Yeah, folks, there’s no need to formulate elaborate conspiracy theories here. No need to blame Bill Clinton, who was so inept at keeping even a few lousy blowjobs a secret, and certainly no need to make him out to be some kind of mastermind in this. No need to blame anyone else, either. Jeffrey Epstein’s death was indeed suicide, and not murder. The known facts line up in that direction already. And I’m going to share what I think the likeliest scenario is, based on those facts.

How did he do it?

Epstein didn’t kill himself while supposedly on suicide watch; he was taken OFF suicide watch, at the urging of his own defence attorney. I’m going to make an educated guess that he gave every sign of compliance after his first effort went awry, so that his jailers would relax their guard — literally — and thus give him a chance to make good on his bid the next time around.

Why did he do it?

Epstein had every reason to kill himself. All his dirty laundry was being ignominiously aired in public, and he knew it. His victims have been coming forward for years, telling their stories to any journalist who would listen; Virginia Roberts, in particular, has been admirably persistent. Those accounts had finally gained enough traction to result in his arrest.

And, after years of pooh-poohing of those victims by the media, and sweetheart deals with local prosecutors, Epstein was finally on the verge of facing actual justice for his crimes. There would be no opportunities left to escape to his Virgin Islands villa for unimpeded further indulgences, as he had done in the past. Nor would he merely be jailed at night, and allowed to “work” (at WHAT?) during the day, as he had done after his first conviction. There would be no more chances to slip away from his keepers and be found, hours later, soaked in sweat and wandering the streets. This time, Epstein was well and truly caught. A fact which, by itself, would have made him desperate for any escape. And since all the other escape routes were now closed to him, death was his only way out.

But how do we know that he would want to kill himself? Simple: He left one hell of a trail of breadcrumbs. And it starts right on his own doorstep in New York.

Epstein’s mansion was a true house of horrors. Even Stephen King couldn’t make THIS up:

In a report on the mansion, valued at more than $55 million, The New York Times noted that its artwork includes, on the second floor, a commissioned mural of a “photorealistic prison scene that included barbed wire, corrections officers and a guard station, with Mr. Epstein portrayed in the middle.”

The Times quotes R. Couri Hay, a public relations specialist who recently met with Epstein at his home, as saying, “(Epstein) said, ‘That’s me, and I had this painted because there is always the possibility that could be me again.’”

The home also includes such oddities as a hallway covered with artificial eyeballs originally made for wounded soldiers, a life-size female doll hanging from a chandelier, and a chess board with custom figures, many dressed suggestively and modeled after one of Epstein’s staffers, The Times reported.

Glass eyes in the walls, a creepy chess set, a chandelier with a life-size nude female mannequin suspended from it, and murals of penitentiary scenes featuring Epstein himself? Yeah, I’d say he was definitely obsessed with SOMETHING. Several things, in fact: Sexualized control over women (in this case, very young girls), a personal sense of being omnipotent and omniscient — and the terror of having all that taken away from him, and him being under the all-seeing eyes of the prison wardens himself, instead.

Epstein wanted to rape his way through life. He had delusional fantasies about being some kind of sexual Svengali, spreading his “seed” throughout the world (thankfully, nobody seems to have propagated any of his “seeds”, so far as we know). He cultivated the powerful, the influential, the wealthy and the titled, all in an effort to gain the power he sought for himself but did not actually have. Does anyone seriously think that one so obsessively full of himself would NOT kill himself if it were all stripped away by the authorities?

And there is no doubt that he knew what lay in store for him, and dreaded life in prison. The mural was one indicator of where his mind was at. Another is the well-known fact that sex offenders, particularly those who have molested children, do not last long in the prison population if ever they are taken out of solitary confinement. Lots of prison inmates were themselves abused as children. Since these angry guys have little left to lose, any one of them would have cheerfully beaten up Jeffrey Epstein or even killed him. In fact, they’d be more than happy to do it en groupe. Imagine the horror of knowing that THIS is how you could expect your high-flying life of crime to end.

It is unlikely that Epstein would be formally executed for what he’d done, but very likely that a life sentence would be nasty, brutish, and short. To prevent that, Jeffrey Epstein did the one thing he still had the power to do: He took his own life. And in so doing, he took his fate out of the hands of the justice system. It was also final fuck-you for all his victims, robbing them of the satisfaction of confronting him in court. In short, he was a coward, and he died a coward’s death.

No conspiracies necessary, and no elaborate theories required.

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