Boris and Donnie’s no-good, very-bad day

First, Boris’s big ignominy:

Wow, that was…RAUCOUS.

And how about that Jeremy Corbyn? If he’s not the next elected PM of Britain, I’ll eat my jolly old bowler hat. (Okay, maybe not a bowler, because I don’t own one. But I’ll definitely eat one of my berets!)

Now, heeeeeere’s Donnie’s:

The latter has already spawned a metric crap-tonne of memes. Which, unfortunately, WON’T touch Donnie very deeply, because the US doesn’t have a parliamentary system of government, and therefore, no Question Period. Otherwise, he’d be grilled to death on his stupid-ass panic-mongering crapaganda.

And the whole world, I’m sure, would be there for it.

PS: Oh dear.

Boris Johnson’s brother has dramatically quit the government – and parliament – in an apparent protest at his leadership.

Jo Johnson, a higher education minister, said it was impossible to reconcile “family loyalty and the national interest”, adding: “It’s an unresolvable tension & time for others to take on my roles as MP & minister #overandout “

It is only six weeks since the younger Johnson faced fierce criticism for returning to serve his brother – despite resigning for the first time late last year, to campaign for a Final Say referendum on Brexit.

It leaves the prime minister with the painful task of trying to explain why even his own sibling has lost faith in his handling of the Brexit crisis, as the criticism of Tory MPs grows.

Christmas dinner this year at the Johnsons’ should be especially interesting. That is, if anyone’s going at all.

PPS: Quite possibly the best Sharpiegate meme yet:

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