Bye-bye, Bolton!

So long, Rabid Sheepdog…

And please DO let the door hit you where your mama done split you.

It’s hard to say what’s most comical here, but here’s a short list:

– Donnie said “You’re Fired”, just like on his cheesy old game show;
– And Bolton was like “You can’t fire me, I QUIT!”;
– Donnie is, as usual, a big sulky baby who thinks of nothing but his ego;
– Bolton is butthurt that he didn’t get to bomb Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, and God only knows where all else that Donnie (for a wonder) wouldn’t let him;
– Mike Fucking Pompeo was almost grinning about this? Dafuq?;
– and oh yeah, Steve Fucking Mnuchin was smirking today, too. Like his head won’t eventually land up on a pikestaff right beside Mikey’s, and sooner than he thinks.

If you ever wondered what it would look like if the Running of the Bulls went through a china shop, instead of the streets of Pamplona, now you know. When they run out of things to smash, they’ll start goring each other. And that’s when the Running of the Bulls turns into the Running of the Blood.

So, all you right-wingers and other assorted nutjobs who thought it would be a cool idea to let a bunch of complete incompetents run a whole dang country (because elitism, blah blah) — still think they’d do a better job than regular politicians who, whatever their faults, at least went in with a knowledge of due process and laws governing how the governing of the land gets done? Because these guys are ALL complete incompetents. They don’t know how to do things, only how to break things.

And John Fucking Bolton was a legacy from BushCo, to boot. He’s now a failure under two complete bumblefucks, and unbelievably, there are STILL people who think that something of value can come from a bunch of worthless fucking morons like these.

Whoever those people are, I hope I never meet them. Because thanks to them and their idiotic voting habits, the US of Amnesia might just be beyond repair.

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