It’s the beginning of the end for Donnie

Yes, folks, Nancy Fucking Pelosi has finally searched her skeleton and found a spine. And that in spite of THIS:

So, that’s the “art of the deal” that Donnie has been bragging about for so many years. It’s all down to bribery. Bribe the authorities to look the other way and let you build your shitty towers; bribe the president of Ukraine to hand over dirt on the guy you think is your main political rival; bribe the most foot-dragging congressional Democrat of all to go on not doing what she didn’t dare do for YEARS. And what she has only NOW found the courage to do. (And when that doesn’t work, threaten her with removal.)

This isn’t about artful negotiations, it’s about ham-fisted quid-pro-quos. And about Donnie panicking as more and more of his impeachable crimes come to light.

And if Donnie thinks that a Repug-dominated Senate is going to save his ass again this time, then he’s not only merely wrong, he’s really quite severely wrong:

Yeah. That also happened. All of the one hundred US senators demanded that he release the whistleblower report. Meaning, there’s no more hiding his ass from ANYONE.

So it’s no wonder he gave a low-energy speech before the UN. Which his kids all dutifully attended in the name of keeping up appearances (and stitching up inheritances), shamefully taking up seats that were supposed to go to persons with disabilities. As though having an idiot father were a handicap. (Well, maybe it is, but it’s not one entitling the bearer to a specially-marked space.)

It’s also no wonder that when he’s not droning in defeat before a captive global audience, he’s blowing snot all over the tweeter, lashing out at everyone who’s trying to salvage the world that he’s so desperate to trash for his own gain. Especially those who are winning accolades for their efforts, while he doesn’t get so much as a measly participation trophy.

And it’s no wonder that everyone from the Venezuelan ambassador to Greta Thunberg is throwing massive amounts of shade at him.

It’s also no wonder that the Q-anon whackjobs and their far-right media enablers have spun themselves into a never-ending tizzy.

You see, they all know what an empty poseur he is. At this point, his opponents are just rolling their eyes and thinking GET THE FUCK ON WITH IT, IMPEACH THE MOTHERFUCKER ALREADY. And his supporters are all like OH SHIT, DEAR LEADER IS FALLING AND HE CAN’T GET UP! QUICK, PAINT THAT GIRL WITH THE BRAIDS AS A NAZI PROPAGANDA PAWN OF OUR PET JEWISH CONSPIRACY!

It’s taken way too long to get this far, but here we are. There’s no going back now. There is only the way forward, and it’s going to be rough.

Not least of all for Donnie, ha ha.

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