No deepfakes required.

If you haven’t seen this yet, you should:

Yes, this is real. He really said all that. THEY really said all that. And Vic Berger just made the supercut to end all supercuts of it.

If you still think Jordan Fucking Peterson is worth taking seriously, you are a cultist and a freak. The man is a charlatan who basically bamboozled his way to the top of a very dubious heap. His “life-changing advice” is an unholy mixture of misinterpretations of Carl Jung, plus misinterpretations of evolutionary science, plus petulant transphobia, with a side order of repackaged naggings from your mom. If you didn’t take “straighten up and clean up your room” seriously from her, why take it from him? Unless you have a bad case of Daddy Issues, which is just another way of saying you’re suffering from internalized sexism, the best thing to do with Peterson is straighten up, clean up your room, and throw out that book. You know the one. It’s not 12 rules for life, it’s “Fifty Shades” for incels.

And that’s not even including the ToiletPaperUSA grifters he’s latched onto, or who’ve latched onto him. And the televangelists who bear a remarkable resemblance to him in word and deed. They all get to eat their own french-fried words in here, too. And you can bet they and their little fans are plenty salty about it.

And if you haven’t subscribed to Vic Berger’s channel yet, what is wrong with you?

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