PPC now officially Nazi.

In case anyone had any doubt, this happened:

The story:

Coquitlam–Port Coquitlam candidate Brian Misera said he was tired of being called a Nazi. He posted a series of videos on Twitter Sept. 10, calling on the party — and Leader Maxime Bernier — to distance itself from racism. He said he was trying to find out why “there is human garbage in our ranks,” saying it’s not enough to just “expunge racist idiots.”

In a video, he had said the party needed to be clear about how they are different from hate groups, or he would leave.

“I don’t want anything to do with that crap. If you can’t be adamantly clear about that, I don’t know how the hell you expect me to campaign for you. You’re putting the onus on me to show that we don’t do this,” he said in a video.

“I mean, you should understand how hard it is to go out and canvass and talk to people. I don’t want to be berated by people who think I’m an actual Nazi.”

I find it funny that a candidate for the far-right party is just now surprised to find Nazis in the building, but I guess he deserves some credit for figuring it out, anyhow. And for at least trying to distance himself from all that fashtrash.

Of course, virtue will have to be its own reward, because in the PPC, you get punished for that:

The party removed him from its ranks the next day, Misera tells NEWS 1130.

“I woke up this morning and I got an email from PPC headquarters that said ‘we’ve revoked your candidacy status, you’re not allowed to campaign anymore, but we hope that you still support the party.’ That was it, there was no explanation given,” he said.

But he has an idea why he was removed: “I can only assume what it was, which was — I criticized Maxime.”

NEWS 1130 reached out to the PPC at 3:08 p.m. Wednesday requesting comment on his videos. At 3:46 p.m. the same day, Misera was told in an email that he can’t represent the party in the federal election.

Misera has also been critical of the party’s stance on climate change. He says he is “pro-science” and has has never denied climate change is real.

“This wasn’t part of the platform when he founded the party,” he says. “I would much rather, Maxime, that you stop picking fights with 16-year-old girls who want to save the world in order to push your point of view and those who share your point of view, and just instead accept debates with climate scientists.”

And oh yeah, there’s irony in them thar hills, too:

The now former-candidate says he’s devastated, as he’s spent nearly a year with the party.

He said the party’s stance on freedom of speech was initially what drew him to it.

Misera says he still supports the party.

He wanted Freeze Peach, but then got punished for actual free speech? Shocking!

But not nearly so shocking as the fact that he still supports the party even after seeing all the flies that shit attracted.

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