Timely reminder that Rudy Giuliani is a fascist piece of garbage

Never forget:

Contrast Sam Seder’s thoughtful, personal remembrance of 9-11 and its aftermath with Rudy’s trashy conduct during, and his fashy conduct later.

Sam remembers its details without glorification; he remembers being on the other side of the second tower when that plane hit, and seeing the explosion rip out the other side of it. He does not, however, share the tape he made of it. Instead, he goes on to recount the heart-wrenching spectacle, day after day, of bodies being pulled from the rubble, and the piteous appeals for information on missing loved ones that sprang up on walls around the site. People who worked in New York, whether or not at Ground Zero, had to pass by that every day, and had to see the bodies being pulled out every day. The odds that THEY would forget the impact of that terrible day are nil.

Rudy? Oh, where to start?

Okay, how about here: He wouldn’t put the command centre for the first responders in Brooklyn, where his advisors repeatedly urged him to. Instead, he set it up in a spot that was convenient to him…as a spot where he and Bernie Fucking Kerik (remember him?) could go in secret to schtup women who were not their long-suffering wives.

First responders scrounging through the wreckage for bodies? Pffffft. Let ’em eat ashes and die of cancer. No, what was supposed to be a safe space for the only surviving heroes of that time to rest and decompress between shifts became, instead, a no-tell motel for New York’s shittiest.

And now Rudy wants us to believe that this ad for a fashtrash corporation, peddling shitty merch for those who want to advertise their empty “patriotism” at every opportunity, is an ad that the Superbowl deemed too hot to handle at halftime, because HEROES? And he shared that on his tweeter?


Actually, that shitty bootlicking merch company just didn’t want to pay the insanely high Superbowl ad rates. But they’re still cunning enough to capitalize on the right-wing “oooo, librul CENSORSHIP” crowd’s gullibility and possibly go viral that way. And boy howdy, did they manage to hook a live one with ol’ Rudy, who’s showing more and more signs of senility of late. (Not that he ever had good judgment in the first place, if we’re being fully honest.)

Yeah, it’s long past time to write off Rudy. And stop idolizing fascist “leaders” (note the quotes, there for a reason) in general.

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