Compare and contrast: What a difference two days make!

Case in point: The Man Who Would Be (but isn’t and never will be) President of Venezuela:

October 23: “While president Sebastian Piñera works to maintain and strengthen the economy of Chile, a group financed by [Venezuelan president Nicolás] Maduro is trying to promote violent and minuscule protests to destroy the stability of the land.”

October 25: “When a people decide to be free, no military force can stop them. Hooray for the Chilean people, our prayers go with them, here in Venezuela we are fighting the same fight as you.”

Translations mine.

So there you go. A complete 180 by Juancito the Unelected, in the space of two days. First he tries to pass off the legitimate popular demonstrations in Chile as just something Maduro cooked up (with what money? Venezuela’s supposed to be broke, dumbass! Get with the fucking narrative!), to “Freedom for Chile! We support you!! Thoughts and prayers!!!”, without so much as an “oops, so sorry” in between. ¡Patético!

And the saddest part is, he thought nobody would notice. Which is rather understandable, because he is in fact a nobody himself.

But he’s the nobody that Donnie Drumpf’s White House of Horrors hand-picked to stage a coup. And he sure enough did stage something that caused lots of noise and lots of death, but just wound up farting itself out, over and over and over again. Even Dubya’s gang of losers (headed by Pedro the Short-Lived, remember him?) did better against Chavecito in ’02, when they managed to pry an actual, elected president out of Miraflores for something like…get this…NEARLY TWO WHOLE DAYS.

And then, when the army and the people of Venezuela turned on them and made things hot like the people (and even the army) of Chile are doing to Sebastian Piñera right now, they wound up scurrying out of there like the vermin they were.

But then again, they didn’t have Twitter yet. All they had was TV cameras, catching all the action as it happened…and immortalizing their disgrace for the world.

PS: Speaking of cameras immortalizing disgrace, here’s a special bonus from the streets of Chile:

They didn’t even TRY to hide the fact that they’re using Colombian marching powder before they go all berserker on the protesters. Which should tell you all you need to know about what’s going to hit the fan in Chile when the drugs wear off.

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